First National

To all persons involved,what a great day.I thought it was a great turnout of cars and owners and the weather was great.I really had a great first national rally.Having said that I do think more could of been done for the average member.I know it takes alot of free time and hard work  from alot of people,I’ve been there it’s not easy.I just think the average members missed out some traveling many miles.Thanks to all involved sorry for the moan

See you next year

Dave in Shropshire

 Suggestions being?


you had a great first rally, and sorry you feel that more could of
been done for the average member.

But as
said above, what are your suggestions as to what the more could be.

I am
sure that the organisers of future events will welcome suggestions,
particularly if you are willing to help make them happen.


 I think you will find that a lot of “average” members had a fantastic day whizzing round the track.  [:D]  I do hope you were one of them.

 Or talking to the owners of the many cars in the “show” catergories.

i had a great day just wandering round looking/talking.

there was also about 12 months before the rally for members to make suggestions…[H]


I’m sure that if you specify what that “more” is, organisers of future rallies will do their best to oblige if possible. Positive feedback should always be welcome.