First service on new-to-me NC

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC 2.0 Sport (2007)
  2. I’m based near: __Bracknell
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __servicing

Hi, I just bought my first MX5, a 2007 NC 2.0 Sport with just 37,500 mi. It’s been garaged the last 5 years and only done 2300 mi. It’s had routine servicing for it’s mileage, but it’s 17 years old. Apart from age-perished tyres, there are no visible faults.

I want to give it a good service to re-baseline it and know where I stand. My current plan is: new tyres, new spark plugs, change oil in engine, gearbox, diff, and new air filter.

Should I also change the coolant? Power steering or brake fluid? My mechanic will check the brake disks/pads when they do the service, but they look OK.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Brake fluid yes, as best practice to do every 2 years.
Coolant change is 11 years (in my book) then I “believe” every 5 years.
Use only FL22 type.
Power steering fluid is an inspect.
But wouldn’t do any harm to change that too.
Wouldn’t do any harm to inspect and regrease the calliper slider pins too.
Once all done you have a good base line.
Just an opinion. :+1:


Don’t forget the clutch as well, same reservoir, but often overlooked by the dealers!

My 25AE at 11,111 miles needed clutch bleed, what came out was unhealthy, possibly even ten year old factory fluid.


I was trying to forget about that as when I did it in 2022 it turned out to be a nightmare with air, floppy brake pedal and dismounting the slave and master cylinders.
Complete reinstall, but got there in the end. :flushed::joy:
To this day, I’am still none the wiser why it did it. :man_shrugging:
Convinced now air got into the ABS pump system (as logic tells me it can’t be anything else) and needs pressure to bleed properly.

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I’m fairly sure that the fluid in my clutch system might be original!

Trying to postpone it until a replacement clutch is needed.

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If ever a next time would use a pressure bleeder which might help.
Just wondering whether air sneaked in during top ups.
I was underneath by the way. :wink::grimacing:

No need to wait for clutch replacement, it’s a very straightforward job and takes longer to remove the covers than bleed it through.

In that case I might do it soon. I bleed the brakes every year so might do it while all the stuff is to hand, cheers.

Even better, while you’re pressurised for the brakes, move to the slave cylinder and let it through there. If you’re already doing brakes it will be a doddle :+1: