Fitting a Sony Apple CarPlay head unit to a 2006 NC

Yep I think you have too many, the one in the blue bag maybe?
When I originally fitted my head unit I needed the extra ISO lead and the SW control module was different. It seems it’s all in now but I am getting past my sell by date for remembering.:grin:
Take the head unit out and all will be revealed along with your new unit and wiring I’m pretty sure you have everything there + some.:+1:

Thats really kind of you to take the time to reply after a thread from a year ago! I’m always late to the party.
Anyway, I assume you’re meaning that the iso part that I haven’t yet opened is built in to the other big set of wires and interface. I can always send the spare bit back. And the other single 3.5mm jack is for the steering wheel controls I think. So that must link up somewhere. I guess those three labled wires with little ends on just hang free.

Thanks again, and I’ll let you know how I get on.


Just pull the radio out as I said and you’ll get a better idea how it all goes, thinking the bagged leads aren’t required.
One lead on the steering wheel module connects up, it’s a multi lead so does a few brands of head unit

many thanks, Mick

This thread is fantastic, exactly what I was looking for! I have a Dynamic Sounds order on its way to me, and hoping to swap the HU out this weekend :+1:

So I have now changed the HU in my NC1. Trying to get all the cables to fit behind the HU was a PITA and must have taken me 2 hours of faffing. Anyway, the only issue I have now is no matter what I do, the top of the fascia does not clip into the fascia that houses the hazard light button. So if I look at the post above with how neat it is - this is the same fascia kit that I ordered and I have a gap of 3-4mm - it simply will not sit nice and flush. My car is a 2007 so I know I have ordered the correct kit - it just won’t fit.

So I am going to have to butcher it. I suppose a dremel is the best thing to get rid of the offending lip and lugs?

Check you have all the clips present as below. On my NC2 radio facia one had an habit of popping off whenever I removed the unit, lost 2 clips. Without them the facia won’t clip into the dash. Should be 4 that fasten over the pegs.
It’s a pain if you have the full rear chassis on the rear of the unit, the JVC unit (mine) shown above has a short chassis, went in a breeze, it’s all the wiring of course.

The clips btw can be had from, they are the same that hold the handbrake gaiter fixing in so can be borrowed from there if you need one in a hurry if that’s the problem of course.:+1: