Fitting a Sony Apple CarPlay head unit to a 2006 NC

Hi there - I’m looking to change the head unit in my 2006 NC for a Sony Apple CarPlay one, at the same time fitting a reversing camera. Aside from the head unit and a compatible camera unit, I know I’ll need a new blanking plate. However, I’m struggling with the other parts I’ll need - or more specifically what specific parts (ideally a shopping list of parts) I’ll need and where to get them from. Grateful for any help, thanks.


I’d recommend the Connects2 brand shown below as they offer a perfect fit and matching finish to the cars dash. I’ve got these fitted to my NC.
Shown below (assuming non Bose) are the components you’ll need.

  1. Facia adaptor kit
  2. ISO lead, to adapt the car loom to new loom on replacement head unit.
  3. Steering wheel interface (with free universal lead)

On the fourth link down they do a fitting kit including the SW interface and looks like the ISO lead. It’s seems to be their own branded kit so maybe not Connects2 facia.
Other brands available like Autoleads but I wouldn’t recommend mixing components, so do Dynamic sounds somewhere on there website.
Of course there are other suppliers out there, auction sites etc (they have a site on there too) but I’ve found the company in the links below are great for service/delivery times and quality.

Regards the rear view camera I’ll have to pass on as I already have rear park sensors so a bit overkill with a camera too. I can see a few on Amazon/ebay for not much money which should do the job and there are posts on the forum somewhere on where to fit/route the wiring

I’ve just fitted a new head unit myself, most of the kit was there from a previous install, just purchased a different patch lead for a few £’s.


Thanks so much for that, you couldn’t have been more helpful if you’d tried! That’s exactly what I needed and will help me progress (and know budget and know what to get). Looks like I’ve got my lockdown project with some next steps…

HI Roger,

I did exactly what you are planning only a few weeks ago. Really easy and very pleased with the result.

The head unit I purchased was a - SONY XAV-AX1005DB

Attached is a copy of my Dynamic sounds order, which details all the parts required for the installation.

Good Luck.

Thanks Phil - mind me asking where you sourced the head unit from? I was looking at the next Sony model down so naturally wonder what the differences are. Was looking at Halfords but they may not be the cheapest!

Hi Roger,

I chose the XAV-AX1005DB, as I wanted Digital Radio. The best deal was Dynamic Sounds, but Halfords were only £5 dearer at the time and I have a branch 10 minutes down the road (impatient!). It appears that Halfords have put their price up, so Dynamic Sounds are much cheaper now.

There is a cheaper version without Digital Radio, but I would advise you to pay the extra £40, as FM/AM reception is only going to get worse before the government withdraw it as some point in the future.

Another possible contender, budget permitting I fitted the one below, the JVC unit.
Also available slightly cheaper on Amazon.

Hi Mick - its a toss up between a Sony unit with a USB on the front (but I’m not overly keen on cables) and this JVC. How do you ‘store’ your phone when you’re plugged into the head unit?

The phone sits in the centre console, I must add I changed that a few years ago for the centre storage tray from Mx5parts, link below (mine came cheaper SH off a forum member)
It means I can get my phone fully in there even with the cable connected. I ran the USB cable extension I bought from behind the head unit into the centre console, no wires showing. My standalone sat nav power cable also runs into the console and plugs into the 12v supply in there. That’s looking to be redundant now I’ve got Waze or Google maps via Android Auto on the HU. You may need a USB ext lead adding to that list👍

Hi folks, a great write up and a project I will undertake in the coming weeks. I have a couple of questions, where did you place the DAB aerial and how easy/ where did you run the cable. Secondly is there any installation instruction I can be guided too or is it relatively self evident.
Thanks in advance

Hi Beaky,
I installed my screen mounted digital aerial against the n/s A pillar. You can easily find a ground on that pillar (after removing some paint) and run the cable down towards the glove box. From there it’s simple to run the cable to the back of the Sony head unit.

As above but pull the windscreen pillar trim off first. Remove the two torx screws from the hood catch receiver on the side you are fitting the aerial and then pull the pillar trim away towards you. It’ll need a good tug and that’s all is needed. You can proceed to fit the aerial and tuck the cable in there.:+1:

Hi Beaky - as Mick and MySport have testified, its really easy to do (or rather, if I can do it, anyone can). I also found it helpful and easier to remove the glovebox as spacing is a bit tight behind the head unit with various wiring harnesses. Grounding and attaching to the screen was straightforward too but take care when removing the backing as the aerial sticks down quickly and quite solidly.The signal is pretty good. I looked at a few YouTube videos for the DAB aerial fitment too. That said, couldn’t have successfully replaced the head unit with advice from Mick. Cheers - Roger

Thanks for all the replies, now to select which head unit :+1:

Thanks for all this info. They do a package like your final link using Connects2 fascia. I’ve just ordered one alongside a Pioneer Apple CarPlay system.

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Right, been a extremely busy time but now ready to do this. I have one question, do you need both harness’s CT20MZ02 MAZDA ALL MODELS 2001 and CONNECTS2 CTSMZ012 - MAZDA MX5 1999 - 2015, if you want to use your steering wheel buttons, or just use the latter one. I ask as both pictures seem to show the same ISO connections.

So I now know you only need one or the other depending on whether you have steering wheels controls you still want to use

Hey Mick - I’m very new to this game having just collected my 2005 NC…changing head unit is first on my list and have followed your guidance by buying all three items you described in this thread!

rear of new head unit
I have not yet taken out old head unit so dont know what’s behind, but its pretty standard non Bose no aircon CD player factory fitted. I seem to have too many connectors and wires! Can you help with what plugs into what, please? Many thanks in advance, G

so there seems to be two orange coloured large connectors and two smaller blocks coming off the end. Does the the main interface set rule out having too use the iso one next to it, or do they have different purposes? As I currently understand it, behind the radio will only be one of these large size connectors! Any help most welcome please. Thanks in advance. GG