FL22 Longlife coolant availability

Anyone know where I can get hold of some genuine FL22 longlife pre-mixed coolant for my NC? Currently out of stock at MX5 Parts and every dealer I’ve rung is currently closed. Seems that it’s not widely available as an aftermarket item.
I’ve changed the fluid, but the large container I bought was just too small to hit the level on the expansion tank. Don’t particularly want to throw it away, but wary of alternatives that might be incompatible or provide the same long life properties.

I think the dealer network may be opening up again as my local one is showing as being closed on the interweb but I received a service reminder with a link to book a service online. I thought I’d give it a try and they rang this morning to confirm it’s been booked (and to up sell an MOT).

Whereabouts are you ?

I used Ravenol - https://www.ilmotorsport.de/shop/article_detail.php5?aid=2633&oid=&lang=EN -
Got it from Germany in smaller 2l containers.
It is a FL22 type engine coolant shipped as a diluted solution (55% coolant, 45% water).

I would think that if you are only a smal bit short then adding water to top it up would not be a problem. Depends if you expect mega cold winters (which seem to be a thing of the past!).

Let’s hope so. I’m in west Gloucestershire but spend a lot of time in the Coventry area. Both Mazda Cov and Leamington dealers are currently closed.

I’ve seen this advertised and I guess it’s good stuff if ILM are selling it.
The water top up is my back-stop - will certainly do that rather than missing out on the sunny weather!


Ive got some spare. Whereabouts are you?

I topped mine up with a small amount of deionised water, probably about a half mug. I lost very little when doing a stat change and saved the already replaced coolant to return to the system.

Thanks for the offer! Do you mean the Mazda longlife FL22, or the Ravenol, though looking at your link it looks like exactly the same stuff. I’m in the Forest Of Dean, West Glos., but regularly travel to Coventry, if that helps. Could travel a bit outside that envelope if it helps, or would happily cover the additional postage cost if you have a sealed container.

Hi Mick,

That’s exactly what I’m going to do if I can’t track down some compatible coolant soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

Prestone Coolant will mix with any other antifreeze with no problems at all if your stuck .

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the tip - I’ll keep that in mind.

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Ravenol. BUT in an open bottle tother side of England and a lot further North. Sorry Seat Belt!

No worries - I appreciate the thought. It’s a DI water top up this weekend and much needed open top therapy - life’s too short!

Hi, I’m in West Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell/Burford, and have 10 litres, about to change mine next week, I believe I will have plenty spare as capacity is 7.5?. I guess its virtually impossible to get it all out anyway.
Give me a shout if that’s any use.


I know a good garage in Thrussington in Leicestershire , mx5 mad , that’s all he does , he races em also , top man , hes got all the top stuff in .best coolant, oil etc. try there .4 miles from Leic centre, towards Melton Mowbry , off the A46 , nr. Thurmaston /Syston .THRUSSINGTON GARAGE on a little ind. est. nr Goscote . Try em , worth it , if it’s not too far for you .

If you aren’t desperate why don’t you order the Mx5parts FL22, good chance it may come into stock soon, 10% off currently. You can always cancel the order for a refund if you find some meanwhile.

I used Ravenol FL22 concentrate from here https://www.ravenol-direct.uk/ravenol-hjc-hybrid-japanese-coolant-concentrate.html and bought deionised water from Tesco to initially flush the system then added the concentrate.

That’s a useful link I hadn’t found before - worth knowing for the future. I’ve now managed to get hold of the right stuff, so panic over everyone!

I am going down the Ravenol concentrate route also. Deionised water for flushing and blending, bought from Halfords is about the cheapest around here.

Plan to flush fully with the water a couple of times, then add concentrate rather than blending before adding. Should clear most of the old fluid.

The trick is to add the final fill as slowly as possible to avoid unnecessary air locks in the system.Also keep a close and regular eye on temps and levels afterwards to avoid overheating. Make sure the heater blows hot and use the mazda recommended purging procedure of staged engine rev cycles if you still suspect under filling.