Flush and cooling issues

Hi all,

So, I’m really new to this so please excuse any daft questions. I’ve recently bought a 1991 1.6 Eunos.
Ive had some issues with overheating first noticed on a slightly spirited drive to see how it goes, also noticed whilst sitting in traffic for around 40mins.

As the previous owner has seemingly neglected the car a little :confused: I went for a full flush with distilled and wynns rad flush. After several flushes over a few days, I’ve seen that when re-filling, the rad appears full after 4L and running up to temp for the fans, having the nose elevated and burping hoses has no real effect. The car also starts to overheat fairly quickly now.
Am i missing something or does this sound like a blockage/stuck thermostat? Something else?

To add a little detail, i am also currently planning a timing belt/water pump job as well as replacing the typically corroded thermostat housing. Looking for replacement hoses as well.

Any help appreciated!

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I’d replace the rad as well.

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Okay thanks, any suggestions for an alloy replacement? I have ac so preferably something that wont interfere

If you still have issues then just to let you know, my 1990 eunos would overheat (the previous owner had already replaced thermostat) and it ended up being the temp sensor so the thermostat wouldn’t open.

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Brilliant thanks for the replies. Guess ill just get on with as much of an overhaul as i can and see if issues persist. When i take the old stat out ill check it in hot water to see if it works and if so / issues still there ill look at that sensor next.

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Easiest way to check rad is to feel it to see if uniformly hot. Make sure you turn engine off first though as fan may cut in. Mine had occasional overheating problems a while back and although rad was hot top bottom and edges, large section in centre would stay cold. Tried all sorts to clear it and nothing worked as was good flow just blocked in one section. Fitted new rad and sorted.


Yeah its looking like a new one unfortunately. Any suggestions?

I’d try the usual suspects


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