Fog lights required for a mk1

Breaking a Mk1? Have you got a pair of fog lights for sale? Thanks

I’ve got a pair from my old Mk1 buried in the garage somewhere. They’re the original JDM ones. I’ll dig them out at the weekend and take some photos and you can see if it’s what you’re after.

You wouldn’t happen to be the ‘Rory’s Dad’ from the Westfield forum would you?

Cheers, Matt

Yes I am the very same! Pictures of your fog lights would be great - thank you!

… but now I’ve looked on my newish to me MX5, I find I have no housings!! Thanks all the same.

On the mk1, they fit within the grill aperture and come with their own brackets. I’ll take a photo tomorrow so you can see what I mean

Thanks - looking forward to seeing them,!

Hopefully a couple of photos attached…


So… how much do you want for them please and where was the switch? I might move both fog switches (front and rear) to where the electric window switches would be. Thanks again for digging them out and photographing them for me!

Tried to send you a PM but don’t know if you got it?

I do know that MX5 Heaven has a pair with the wiring harness, switch, and relay.