Fog lights wanted

hi I am after the front fog lights and stalk with housings for a 3.5 mx5 please and any tips for fitting and wiring in thankyou 

I have a pair of NC1 fog lights if your interested, why or if they don’t fit a NC2 i can’t see why as they were removed from an NC1 when i fitted the daylight running lights upgrade which are listed as NC1 and NC2 compatible.

The wiring is already there, just plug in and your done.

The correct stalk and mounting bezels are easy and cheap enough to source on e-bay.

I got mine off ebay, with stalk and full instructions and looked brand new. Also came with bulbs pre fitted £114.As prev said its simple plug and play.Guy even did me a deal on a variable speed wiper stalk for £15.

Forgot to add that the black plastic surrounds where also included.

Hi that’s fine thanks how much are they and I will look into as to whether they fit mine thanks

Apart from they look nice and fill the blanks I don’t think I’ve ever used them in the 5 years I’ve owned the car.



No you can’t have em! 

Ok, i’ve read all i can about what mk mx5 these will or will not fit.

If you check MX5 parts it states there are two different fog lights for each NC1 or NC2, but, if you read and expand the fitting write up referring to the DLR kit they will fit both models, it is the mounting bezels that are different.

For MickAP, try fitting hyper yellow bulbs, you will never turn them off, i use mine as DRLs.

For Phil67, you have a p.m. on it’s way.