Folding hard roofs

Have been exploring the folding hard tops as in the Mk3 PRHT and Mk4 RF, seems the roof fold mechanism was originated by Peugeot way back, seems that Peugeot designed the fold mechanism and first used it in 1934 on their Peugeot 402 Eclipse, the first folding hard top which looks very similiar in operation to the current RF folding roof, so Peugeot in their wisdom patented the idea with a life time patent, so consequently every manufacturer who uses a similiar (the best & proven) pays Peugeot for the privilege, hows that for boring during the lockdown. look up the catr on Google because I can’t post the picture of it ???

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This one from the Wiki?


Hi, thank you, yes similiar to the picture of the Eclipse I have, my picture shows one in Paris just after its announcement in 1934, must try to find way to show