Forum area for Rocketeer, other V6 and V8 conversions



I am currently doing the Rocketeer conversion on my 1990 Eunos which I have owned for 7 years

It would be useful to have somewhere to share thoughts, ideas, problems and tips for Rocketeer and other ‘V’ engine conversions in the MX5 with other builders and owners who are interested - I was thinking a section could be added to the Technical Discussion area next to the ‘Forced Induction’ section if this is possible?

A few other people have suggested it on other forums - apologies if there is already somewhere on here and I have overlooked it)

Just a thought!




Welcome to the club and enjoy your Rocketeer car once it is finished!

There is some more info and feedback for the Rocketeer from other members at the link below, which may be useful Smile


Thanks - will take a look!