Forum problematic?

It seems the forum for the last day or so its kinda offline then turns back online. is there an issue with the servers or is it me?

Been fine here, so likely you and your internet provider - maybe.

@ckleanth It was being very sluggish about 10 minutes ago and only partially loading but seems okay now

I had a few issues yesterday on here but other websites elsewhere ok.
I’m on a naff Sky broadband though so from last year I always blame them or the line it comes down.

Looks like its not just me then. Cheers chaps

I had the same last night, not able to connect to the forum, every other site was working fine.

Still having problems connecting, sometimes it works, other times it will time out. Every other site is working as normal, so must be a site issue.

Yes it is very slow on initial log-in. But once connected it seems OK.

I don’t mind this if it is keeping bots out.

There were DNS changes applied yesterday which take a little time to propagate, should largely be complete now but may still be dependent on some ISP connections.


I couldn’t log on at all for 24 hours. Went cold turkey…
On the mend now.

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Problems here as well…and for sure it’s not my ends fault. Only got on once yesterday after several attempts, same today. Maybe they need to feed the hamsters a bit more often. :wink:

Yep, same problems here, 24 hours not able to log in but every other Internet address works ok. I was just starting to get withdrawals….

Problems on my phone but all normal now. Glad it wasn’t just me. Phew! :grin:

Same here, couldn’t access for a couple of days