Forum Website VERY slow recently

I’ve noticed the site has been pretty slow over the past few days, usually 10-15 seconds for page changes or posts to be updated.

My T’interweb link is pretty quick so I know it’s not at my end.

Any issues?

No issues ‘upnorth’.

Hmm, most of last week our phone was out of action thanks to Openreach fixing something that wasn’t broken, and t’internet on that line was down to only 2Mb/s and 3db signal to noise, but the OC Forum was still Ok, and less than half a second or so load a page.

It’s been unusually slow for me to, but better tonight. (FTTH 76mb connection here!).

Mine‘s 300Mbps FTTP, but it’s still sluggish.

Also on fibre and response is fine, not noticed any significant slow downs recently.

I only find it slow on topics like ‘what have you done to your MX5 today’ but only because it has to load 362 pages in effect, could this be your problem?
Maybe ‘frivolous frivolities’ is the same…i wouldn’t know as i’ve never used it.

Being 1 of 362 pages will make no difference, the site is slow across all topics, regardless of which browser I use on the iPad.

Been fine for me over the last few days on standard internet connection.

This page generated in around 0.5 seconds, my unread posts pages are taking around 15 seconds to generate.


If you look at the bottom of each page it tells you how long the page took to generate, which is the creation time by the website server. It’s unaffected by internet connection speed.