Free use of black leather resto kit near Blackpool

This kit has so far done 2 driver’s seat bolsters and 2 steering wheels with good results. I’ve still only used about 2% of it, and it seems a shame for it to just sit on a shelf, and silly for anyone else to spend £20 on another kit. I’m in Poulton le Fylde. Retired, so often available. PM me if you’d like to arrange.

PS for someone who knows better than I do: On the most recent job, a 28 year old Nardi wheel, it’s 99% right on all the wheel apart from where the right hand grips, where it’s still slightly grey and rough. Should I get at that with some very fine emery paper?

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Unfortunately, I live a long way from Blackpool but I’d be interested to hear more about your kit and maybe see some photos…
I’ve had reasonable success with the small plastic bottles of instant shoe shine you get in supermarkets
Maybe some of that would help finish off your steering wheel.