Free use of black leather resto kit near Blackpool

This kit has so far done 2 driver’s seat bolsters and 2 steering wheels with good results. I’ve still only used about 2% of it, and it seems a shame for it to just sit on a shelf, and silly for anyone else to spend £20 on another kit. I’m in Poulton le Fylde. Retired, so often available. PM me if you’d like to arrange.

PS for someone who knows better than I do: On the most recent job, a 28 year old Nardi wheel, it’s 99% right on all the wheel apart from where the right hand grips, where it’s still slightly grey and rough. Should I get at that with some very fine emery paper?

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Unfortunately, I live a long way from Blackpool but I’d be interested to hear more about your kit and maybe see some photos…
I’ve had reasonable success with the small plastic bottles of instant shoe shine you get in supermarkets
Maybe some of that would help finish off your steering wheel.

For the Nardi wheel hand grip areas, I used some 1500s and 2000s emery paper and some black dye from the usual place (eBay). Didn’t rub too hard. The emery paper took out loads of scratches I hadn’t previously noticed were there, and flatted off all the grey. The black dye then turned the grey back to black. That needs to be done in several coats leaving it to dry in between coats. Then the polish needs to be used the following day to flat off the dye. The wheel could then be mistaken for a one year old one. VERY satisfying, especially if you do a lot of the work with the car facing out to sea on the Blackpool promenade, watching the sea and all the dog walkers. Do protect your pants from the black stuff! I used a floor mat.

Still got loads of stuff left for anyone who might like to borrow it - or watch me use it, which is what’s happened so far.

I resto’d a Nardi Classico using a bit of dye/paint from Furniture Clinic. People call it dye, but its paint. You can’t redye leather. So the sanding/surface prep is important. Believe me, the Nardi leather can take a fair bit of sanding back. I picked up a cheap battered one, restored the leather and polished the spokes. Been good for 10 years,

When using these paints, to extend the life, remember to use the top sealer; Furniture Clinic do one with an epoxy additive, to make it a bit harder. Its gloss, so glossiness you tone down with a satin top sealer.

To apply the paint, the best technique I found, if you don’t have an air brush, is by sponge, dabbing it on, using a hair dryer between coats.

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Those sound like better ideas than mine. I’ll try to remember Furniture Clinic next time.