Freelance Mazda, Chatham

Anyone here with experience of using Freelance Mazda in Chatham for servicing and/or work?

Yep, used him/them about 6 years ago when we lived over in Kent. They undersealed our NB as well as a did a full service including changing transmission oil. They seemed to do a good job, but obviously it’s hard to tell for sure unless you start taking things off/apart. But we had no reason to doubt any of their work. Also, he seemed to know his way around MX5’s when I spoke with him about various things relating to our NB. Sometimes you get a good/bad vibe from people when chatting with them. I had the impression he was an honest hardworking chap. Not super chatty, but straight to the point. But we only used him once since he was a fair distance from our home and there wasn’t an option of a courtesy car.

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He is a top man ,and has major knowledge of the Mazda’s, I would not think twice about handing over a set of keys to him …


Thanks both. Really good to hear. I’ll drop him a line.

I used Freelance Mazda for servicing on my NB, and when I switched to my NC1 I used him for an initial checkover. Mark is a fair/honest bloke and he does a great job. He knows his stuff and if I was still local(ish) to him I’d be taking my NC there for work.

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Thats great to hear. I spoke to Mark a week ago and have booked my NC in for full fat service, health check and a few other things.