Frentech Caliper rebuild kits

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2006 NC Sport

Has anyone used Frentech for brake caliper rebuild kits ?
Good, bad ???

Their 4 caliper rebuild kit looks pretty good value and very comprehensive

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I used their rebuild kit for the rear calipers on my NA. I was very happy with the parts.


I’ve used them before several times. From memory, ebay purchases; parts very good and I think their feedback very good on ebay too.

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Cheers Guys - will get them ordered

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Yeah i used to rebuild my Brembo 4 pots on my C320 Merc, spot on, no issues or leaks and still stopping the Benzo without issue.

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Very impressed with the Frentech caliper rebuild kits so far - everything you need for a full rebuild.


Very productive morning rebuilding the calipers.
Pleased to say that all of the Frentech parts fit exactly as they should and the end result looks brand new.
Not sure why haynes and others suggest that the rear calipers are too complex for DIY work.
( Yes the handbrake bracket bolt heads need paint - has been done since the photos.)


Great job, looks really good.

Here’s mine, its the rears next!! Ive used genuine Mazda Pistons and Seals!

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Hi, Just wondering how difficult it is to disassemble the rear calipers on my NB1, particulary the return springs?
Is there a sequence to follow??
Many Thanks

Caliper envy.:grin::+1:

Great job and good to know about these parts, marked on ebay.

I’ve just refreshed the paint on all four calipers, same colour, they work fine so did mine in situ, removed the pad bracket though to paint and tidy the discs, new pads gone in.:+1:

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I have a sticky front left caliper.
Found a set of four OEM calipers at sensible money on ebay and did this refurb.
At least now it is just a simple swap over on each corner and a quick bleed.

Sorry - never done NB calipers to be able to advise.

Not mine but does this help ?


Thanks alot- very useful.

Does anybody know if the Handbrake spring retention pin on the rear caliper is removable?

Hello All,
I’m now reassembling the rear calipers on my NB.
Like a muppet I’m now not sure which handbrake connecting lever goes on the l
Nearside and Offside caliper as they have different fork ends?
Can anybody help please??

So - it seems there are differences in the description “lovingly maintained regardless of cost”
The inside of the front discs was a complete mess.

BUT - when the calipers and carriers have been refurbished - and they are on the car with new pads and new discs - all looks well again.

And I think the red/black combo suits the silver wheels and winning blue paint

Just the rears to do now.

All now complete and ready for installation, great help from Dave at Frentech with parts and technical help.