Front bumper spoiler

I’m currently looking at these spoilers that attach to the bottom of the front bumper, and was wondering do you have to drill holes into the bottom of the bumper to attach them as i don’t really want to do that to the car, or is there already the holes there to put the bolts through.

Thanks Ross

Hi Ya

No you do have to drill the holes , but its a easy job as your only drilling plastic, I find the best way is to use small spring clamps or clothes pegs to hold the spoiler on and then drill through the holes already in the spoiler



<IMG onmouseover=this.border=1 onmouseout=this.border=0 alt=“Click to view full size image” src=“” border=1> i just fitted this renault laguna front lip to the front of mine

in le- mons this year, after the race, we biked round the track prior to coming home,

i found a nice black front spoiler laying on the grass verge half way down  the musalan straight, it still had the fixing clipps attached to it, i fitted it last week, after having to chop about 200mm off each end, (must have been a lot wider than an mx0, i found it easy to drill and fit, and i think it looks the dogs now.

only thing now is = WHAT DID IT COME OFF OF =  probably a citreon, fiat, or renault, but no matter, ill dream on = IT CAME OFF ONE OF THE AUDI  R10s =   regards  leemarb


I’ve got a Garage Vary spoiler too.
It’s so easy to fit … even I managed it !!! [:|][:P]

Yeah you have to drill underneath … but unless your running someone over you’ll never see
the holes, and if you were i’m sure some drill holes would be the last thing on their mind. [Z][au]