Front camera sensor system malfunction

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 100TH Anniversary
  2. I’m based near: __Mildenhall Suffolk
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __What the likely solution is to the warning that appeared on the car this morning :
    Front Camera sensor system malfunction & Brake Override System Malfunction.
    The windscreen is in perfect condition as clean /clear at the sensor / camera area

Many thanks

Condensation/misting on the camera, should clear quite quickly.

Okay, thanks , I will wait a few days and see if the warning clears, there are no obvious signs of condensation and strange that it should suddenly come up this morning on a dry run out .

Did it not clear quite quickly? Usually the condensation occurs when temperature and dewpoint are close which is the case with current weather conditions in a lot of the UK.

Try using the demist function then warm air up the windscreen for a good few minutes. If that doesn’t clear it then suspect a sensor/cable or plug malfunction.

Mine does this quite frequently with low sun, and sometimes at night. I think it’s an ex-smokers cars (ikr) and this has contaminated the windscreen ahead of the camera where I cannot get to clean, and that encourages it misting up before the rest of the windscreen. As Ian said, set the air-con on and demist going for a bit and it usually clears the error after a while.

Tried the AC on the screen , no joy , but noticed there was also a check engine light fault showing-
Found blown fuse to do with brake lights -replaced fuse, all faults cleared !! .
You would’ve thought a message would have come up for that aswell as the camera sensor & auto brake malfunction :thinking:

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