Front fog lights not working - fuse? (Mk2.5)

I’m a newbie to MX5s so forgive me if this is a basic question - I’ve tried the search but no found an answer.

Neither of my front fogs are working, the indicator on the switch comes on and it sounds like the relay clicks but the lights aren’t coming on. The rear ones work ok.

Unfortunately I don’t have the manual for the car but I wanted to check it wasn’t a fuse before I start rooting around behind the bumper - do the front fogs run off their own fuse and if so where iss it?


They have their own fuse, F.FOG in the fuse box under the dash. Should be a 15A. It protects the relay though so if that’s operating then the fuse is OK.

Thanks for that - sounds like it may be the bulbs or something else in the wiring as the relay does seem to be working ok.

Will have a root around and see what I find!