Front shock absorber boot

Have read on blogs that the shock absorber boots are not an MOT issue, but I think that may be regarding the Mainland MOT.
Can the car fail for a split shock absorber boot at a Northern Ireland MOT?

No, mine passed last year and the boots had several splits. I actually hot glued them together after I noticed how bad they were after I had them stripped out and replaced with a set of Meisters. So you can ‘fix’ them if you take the time.

Thanks Dave_F
Just discovered that 303 aerospace protectant is good for rubber, so will look to that in hope of protecting other 6 year old boots and seals.
Didn’t realise that split can be glued. Doubt how competent I would be at doing that in situ.
Not sure how long the boot has been cracked although I do know that it was OK back in May last year. Not aware of any leakage from shock seals so on your experience may only get a mention at an MOT.

MOT due next Saturday. Had a go at tacking together the several slits in the rubber boot with quick setting superglue with the intention of following up with coating of black RTV silicon.
Only succeeded in sticking the bellows together distorting the boot and leaving the slits as bad as ever. “Pigs ear” of a job really and just draws more attention to the boot.
Off roaders and enthusiasts sport cars don’t necessarily have rubber boots over the shocks, so I am not overly concerned the shock is not completely shielded.
Dread to think what a mess I could make with a hot glue gun.
All other front and rear rubber boots on the shocks and axle are like new, and can hardly credit the state of the front off side shock boot.
I have used the 303 in an attempt to preserve all other boots.