"Frozen Gold" wheels

Much as I like my MX5, I always hated the grey colour of the wheels, indeed I don’t get the trend for dark coloured wheels. Just collected it from We Restore Alloys in Kirkcaldy, who did a great job and wheels now resplendent in Frozen Gold. Very subtle, me likey!


Different. :ok_hand:

Very nice! :+1:

Agree with Davy_F, remarkable how different it looks. :+1:

They look good, but I wouldn’t change mine…!
Personal preference and is nice to see something different :slight_smile:

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For reference, here’s a picture of the car with the wheels as they came from the factory in dark anthracite grey. Even in bright sunlight it is hard to see the design of the wheels, which I have always thought to be an integral part of a car’s aesthetics.

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The dogs Bollo**s mate

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Took my new wheels for a run this afternoon, trying to find a backdrop that wasn’t crowded with folk, not easy as everywhere was very busy.

Settled on Tayport, an old favourite, very difficult to photograph a white car in bright sunlight with shiny wheels, but you can just about make out how the chrome undercoat shines through.

Indeed in strong light they look almost silver, with only a hint of gold, very subtle.


I’ve liked the idea of gold wheels, windscreen frame and other things to give my soul red an Iron Man theme.

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I’m thinking…my Roadster PanaSports would be far better off with that colour tbh.
What say folks?

Just perfect on the ND in my opinion.


Possibly a shade or two darker on yours Scottishfiver? More of a match to the interior perhaps?

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Here’s my old NA with gold Panasports. A more traditional gold colour and darker than what I have used on the ND.


Frozen Gold is actually a special BMW wheel colour on the new BMW M2 CS, it is very complex to do and mine is the first car the wheel guys have ever done with it. It requires the wheels to be acid dipped, then shot blasted, then oven dried. First they powder coat a grey primer, then spray paint a chrome finish, then spray a semi transparent gold coating then powder coat a gloss lacquer, with 4 separate trips to the oven in between. 3 days and £370. I think the firm are as chuffed with the result as I am, as they are now promoting it as a new finish. It really pops in the sunshine as the chrome underlayer is semi visible, really subtle and well worth the effort.

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Not exactly a Halfords rattle can effort then.
I think…I’ll have a rethink.

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I’m guessing you’ll easily spot your car from a distance now. No, not the wheels. It’ll be the one parked a foot further away from the kerb than all the others in the road.



You bet! :laughing:

Brilliant, what a difference.

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Thank you, I’m really pleased with the outcome.

Ooooooooh - now you got me thinking John!
Previous owner of my Highland Green Metallic MK3 put anthracite Team Dynamics wheels on, replacing standard silver finish… those gold wheels on your Mk1 look VERY nice indeed… time to start saving the pennies!

I reckon the Frozen Gold would go well with green metallic. Best of luck with it.