Fuel Consumption & Servicing Contact Surrey

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2.0l Niseko NC
  2. I’m based near: Guildford
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Fuel consumption

Hi I am new here and a proud new owner of a Mazda MX-5 MK3 2.0 Niseko. I wonder if anyone can help with the following:

  1. I’m looking for a trusted MX-5 engineer in the Surrey area who can advise me on the general health of my new purchase, and who could potentially fully service the vehicle including gear box oil change. I used to service my own cars but it’s not possible now where I live. I’d prefer an enthusiast to give her the once over rather than a dealer.
  2. The mileage on the vehicle is 130000 miles so quite high, but she sill drives wonderfully and oil smells and looks fine, however, fuel consumption is only 26.9 MPG and I wondered whether that was normal? Having looked online I can see 30MPG being the average.

Looking forward to becoming a fully fledged member at the end of this month and joining in some rallies and meets.

many thanks,
Stuart M

Depends where and how you drive.

Hmm, my V8 Jag averages mid-30s on a motorway run, and about 20 when driven around town, 25 on the back roads.

My old NA will return around 30mpg average. Your NC should be the other side of 30mpg.

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Just around town and back roads of Surrey.

I thought so too and thanks for the reply. I’ll need to find someone in the SW to check things out. I suspect taking to a Mazda dealer might end up in extended costs.

Ouch. My 2l Niseko has averaged close to 38mpg for the last six years.

What do its exhaust pipes look like inside after a decent run?
Clean and dry? Ideal
Or sooty but dry? Too rich.
Or much worse, sticky wet and sooty. Burning oil, expensive.

Ideal? Heavy foot and Track use? Stuck in London traffic for hours?
Too rich? Check air cleaner is clean dry paper and not blocked, and definitely not one of those daft oiled ones that contaminates the MAF.
Sticky wet and sooty? Seek professional help.

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Hi Richard, thanks for the reply. Here’s the thing, soon after purchase, a hole developed behind the centre silencer, so I had that section replaced (the section between the 2nd cat and the rear silencer). The 2nd cat looks like it isn’t in good shape either but I would expect some rust there anyway (no rattling yet to suggest an issue). I’ll check the pipes again but emissions are clean and pipes appear dry. Two previous owners one female and another guy in Wales. Hardly any service history hence the need for some tlc and professional help. What’s the best way to ask for that in this forum? Is there a directory of professionals on this site based on location?

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Ignore my last request for professional help - I’ve now joined and have asked my area lead.

This guy in Knaphill is great with MX5’s

Get the engine Terracleaned to improve emissions. better MPG and performance.
Can normally get 10% discount as MX5 Owners Club Member

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Legend! That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

I get about 31 out of mine. It depends if you cane it goes down to about 26

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