Fuel filler tube non return valve?

Hi all, quick question, does a 1992 mk1 eunos have a non return valve in the fuel filler tube? Just asking as I was recently seduced by an advert for some magic pills that are supposed to go in the fuel tank and clean up the fuel system. Anyway, thought I would give them a go. Trouble is I put them into the fuel tank filler, they now seem stuck in the neck and when I tried filling up it took an age to fill up, thought filling up might flush them through, but no. I searched and found some info on Mk2 and 3’s and couldn’t find any parts on the mx5 parts site. Think I might have to have the pipe off going to the tank in the boot, but be nice to know if there is anything in the tube. Thanks.

There is a non return valve in the filler pipe, it’s a like a big ping-pong ball in a carrier.
If you remove the filler neck pipe from inside the boot you’ll see the NRV, from memory it just pulled out.

Many thanks for that “BannedBike” I will take the pipe off and hopefully retrieve the pills! I just need to drive around for a bit to get the fuel level down …………. I think the weekends weather is looking good!