Fuel Guage Not working, Help?

Hey Guys

I was just replacing my coilovers yesterday and successfully did so however I had to remove the fuel filler hose/nozzle in order to reach the NS Rear Coilover bolts.

When I went to start the car again I noticed the fuel gauge wasn’t working…Is there any chance I could have disrupted an earth wire back there or something? Strange that the gauge would suddenly stop working!

Any help would be great!

Many Thanks

  1. My model of MX-5 is: MX5 NB RS Type 2 __
  2. I’m based near: Worthing
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Fuel Guage Electiral Faults

You’ve most likely just caught the wire to the sender unit and pulled it off

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It’s very unlikely that disturbing the filler hose would have affected the gauge sender which is well inside the tank. Are you sure the gauge isn’t working? (I mean, sorry if it’s too basic to even mention, but you know the needle does not move when the car’s not running, right?)

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Oh really? Is that connected to the fuel filler pipe?

Haha yes, thank you (sometimes it’s the obvious questions/answers that are the best)! It was working before the install. the other thing I have considered is that the fuel may genuinely be empty but it lso had 1/4 of a tank it last time I checked. will check again tomorrow after I have finished the Coilover Install!

It’s a while back that I had mine in bits, it’s not on filler pipe but wiring runs close to rear strut tops I think

It’s not likely that your working around the filler pipe has done anything to the fuel gauge or sender. It’ll probably just turn out to be lower on fuel than you remember. If it does need investigating, the sensor and float arm are part of one assembly along with the fuel pump and send and return fuel pipes, all built into the fuel tank lid. Access is by undoing the poppers and peeling back the carpet on the rear shelf then removing an access lid in the middle. Obvious when you see it. But, like I say, it’s pretty unlikely there’s anything wrong and even less likely that installing your coilovers caused a problem.