Full alignment Colchester area?

Can anyone recommend a place to get a full check done in the Colchester / N Essex area?

Hi Pat, I had my cars alignment checked at supertyres (2.0 mk3 sport 17’’ tyres), all in the green so ok, but I wanted to get it set up for the best possible feel on the road (no track days, just normal day to day driving). So I took it 60 miles to WIM, where did a sublime job, They measured the ride height and adjusted the lot and all to perfection. The drive home was a thrill because I felt much more in control of the car than before, more relaxing and not fighting to keep the car in a straight line but very reponsive in turns so they must have done a great job. I think WIM have the latest modern equipment so are able to fine tune your suspension settings. On their website they have garages they can recommend if you are too far away and cannot reach them, but I have no experiance of them and would prefer to drive the mx 60 miles plus to get the best.






Thanks for that. I’ll have a further look.

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