Fuse gone - stereo and lighter socket - where could it be?

On a drive just now I noticed my phone wasn’t charging, so I took the plug out of the lighter socket and put it back in, and then the stereo powered off.  All other electrics working fine, so I’m assuming it’s a fuse.

My car is a 1995 Eunos, I’ve checked the fuse in the boot (pair of 10A-ers) and they look ok.  Fuses in the engine box look ok too.

Being away from home, I’ve got my trusty Haynes…  Can anyone suggest where the fuse is likely to be?


Behind the dash above the bonnet pull, there is a fuse box there. I think the fuse is called CIGAR.

Brilliant, thanks… should have remembered that from when I fitted a lights-on buzzer.

Thought lady luck was on my side when I found a fresh 15A in the fuse box cover. But tested, and managed to pop that fuse too! Oh well, off to Halfords tomorrow for more fuses.