Garage around Farnborough

Hi all. I have owned a NC 1.8 PRHT for 2 years now, and I have finally decided to start modding it. Before I invest a significant amount on it though I do want to have the car inspected thoroughly to make sure there are no underlying problems including any rust situations. I have just moved to Farnborough and don’t know any garage / MX5 specialist in the area so I wonder if anyone would be able to point me to the right direction please?

Will also need to have a wheel alignment done if anyone knows a good place for that.

Thank you in advance!

These guys are MX5 specialists and always get good reviews and recommendations.

Yep Colin at Sparkes fits your brief.
The place to go for alignment used to be Wheels-in-Motion in Chesham, which is now ProTyre, and their fast road setup for the MX5. It’s where I still go even if it’s a bit of a journey.

Thank you, I will check them out!