Garage for Roof and sills and mechanicals near Hemel?

Can Anyone recommend somewhere nearish to Hemel who could do a roof fitting, sill repair and service sort of work near Hemel?

Only place I can find localish is Sulston Hills in Leighton Buzzard but pricing and recent reviews aren’t that great.

Toying with taking the car to Miata Warehouse in Chesterfield but would probably have to get the car transported there as I can’t spare the time for the 4 hour round trip each way!!




So I’ve stumbled across mazdaman in Bicester who seems to get glowing reviews. Little bit of a trek but not too bad! Any recent experience? Spoke to him on the phone and he seems like a very friendly chap

Not come into contact with anyone but will be interested to hear how you get on. Good luck with the work.

I used Mazdaman in Bicester, Brian is a top bloke, certainly knows his stuff, I wouldn’t hesitate to use him for major work/repair