Garage recommendation for Bedford/Luton area

Hi, I’ve got some problems with my mk2.5 alarm (original)


The damn thing keeps going off (car locks ok but then alarm sets off some time later) and I’ve tried sussing it out to no avail. It could be the drivers door as the lock is a bit dodgy (when you turn key its a bit ‘spongy’, doesn’t hit a hard stop as you turn it).

tbh I’d rather the alarm was disabled as they are a waste of time (but keep the immobiliser) but just cannot find how to do that, even Google’s failed me.

So I want someone to take a look but rather than just any old garage would prefer one that knows mx5’s.


Any recommendations for the Luton/Bedford area (I live 1/2 way between the 2)? - but can go a little further if its a good recommendation.

Thanks in advance, Steve

Hi Steve,

Matt at Sulston Hills on 01525 372982 might have an idea

Perfect! cheers Peter

I think this garage is ok for general mechanical repairs, but their knowledge of basic aspects seems a bit troubling. They diagnosed a low oil pressure reading to a bad cylinder head thermo sensor (wrong sensor guys).

This NB will have a factory fitted alarm; I’ve found Milcars Mazda in Bushey to be excellent in the past in supporting even older models.

Another of our members, Simon, said to try Andy at who are alarm technicians.

I go to Norton Way Mazda (Letchworth) - regular customer for years for my annual service/MoT… 

there is also Hapenden Mazda but have never used them for repairs or servicing.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions, Matt at Sulston Hills did say he was more for mechanical issues so I’ll keep his number handy in case for the future!

However, I tried Andy at who are alarm technicians and what a nice guy, came to my house and took a look and identified the issue and sorted it (turned out to be the bonnet sensor - had looked ok to me but there you go!)



The bonnet sensor can be ‘iffy’ - it’s not the sensor, it’s the flimsy bracket that holds it. Never slam the bonnet, it bends the bracket and the alarm then becomes operative. Drop the bonnet manually and let it rest on the bonnet catch, then just press down to lock it.

Great news, glad you got sorted 

Indeed, he told me that one (and did adjust it up slightly and warn be about slamming  ), but there was also a slight water ingress (the issue was during damp weather, alarm going off at some later point after locking), so he sorted that out too

And he also showed me where I could just detach the alarm horn (obviously the lights still flash) so I could see how things went for a few weeks without risk of annoying the neighbours