Gaydon Competitions

Many thanks to the author Iain Fleming Wink


Over the past few events the Club’s Car Competitions have been growing in participation and also as an important part of the Rallies.

The number of competitors has been steadily increasing as more and more owners bring their ever loved MX-5s to the competitions and many have walked away with a trophy or prize in hand as a result. We have completely filled up the paddock space allocated to the competitions at the past 3 rallies and the Competitions areas played an important role at the heart of the Sandringham and Brooklands Rallies, really adding to the spirit of these events.

Over the past couple of years we have also seen many of the cars that enter the Club’s Competitions go on to enter other Competitions organised by a number of clubs and organisations across the country and in many cases Club Members have had great success, with some even going on to win cash prizes.

 The updates to the Car Competition rules and judging manual, sent to all competitors ahead off the competition have helped identify the way in which the cars are scored and areas that you can identify and tackle if you feel necessary and importantly on the day also feed back to you the scoring information on how your car scored. This has proved a valuable asset to owners and regular competitors, this remains an important aim for the Competitions.

 With emphasis on how well your car is kept and worked on, cars can be entered into any one of the following 5 Competition classes, in brief these are:


• Standard Car Class - Factory standard car, Mazda genuine accessories permitted.

• Light modification - Some cosmetic and light modifications to standard cars with aftermarket accessories, most members cars fit in this

• Modified - Numerous enthusiast modifications and also forced induction cars (*except standard fit)

• Ultra Modified - Radical vehicle alteration, e.g retro body kit or MX-5 kit-car conversion

• Daily driver - The most accessible category for any car that is in use regularly, subject to age and mileage (bodywork and cabin judged only).


To enter the Competitions all you need to do is email your interest to the coordinator at  Ian will be send you back a copy of the judging and scoring manual and the competitor entry documents to fill in your details and return with your preferred entry class, based on where you feel your car should compete.

The cut off for entry will be Sunday 14th September to allow for the Rally team to set out the Competition plots for the day. After this time we will be unable to enter vehicles into the Competitions. Specific Rally information, times and directions will be circulated to all competitors shortly after the entry cutoff.

With 50 slots available in this year’s rally we hope that you will be encouraged to participate and with more cars comes greater competition and more winners, and we have some great prizes on offer, so if you have ever thought about it then now is the chance to enter!


The entries for competing at Gaydon have been pouring in. 

We are now up to half capacity please remember the entries close on the 14th September.

To avoid disappointment please send in your request by email to ian.mchattie at as soon as possible.

Competitions at Gaydon almost at full capacity, closing date this coming Sunday 14th September.

If you have asked for a registration form and not returned it or wish to enter, please email to ian.mchattie at ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Three days to the closing of entries and only have a few spaces left.

Over FORTY cars now registered for the competition’s at the National Rally Gaydon.

Entries are now closed, thanks everyone.

Looks like the judges are going to have their work cut out with almost Fifty cars entered.


Many thanks to all the competitors that attended the National Rally at Gaydon.


Almost 50 shiny cars all lined up in front of the museum.

Also a huge thanks to the judging team but for them it wouldn’t be possible.


Sponsorship prizes came from Meguiar’s, Adrian Flux, MX5Parts and Mazda. Thanks to them for their generosity.

And not to forget Mazda…

Will you be posting the numbers up here again?


Big well done to every one that took part, thank you to the lads from menders and members of the OC for giving up your time to help this section, and to the owners that took part with their pride and joys,because with out you, it would be nothing  well done to everyone that won a prize and to the nutz lads for showing up.

See you at the next event, we can only get bigger and stronger


1st time I have every shown mine was a good learning curve and taken all the judges remarks on board , started getting ready for spring rally already.