**Gaydon Photos**

Best Rally since Mallory Park 2009, though the ones in between were also great. 1700+ cars excellent turnout, and a great variety of cars, proving what a big tent the OC is.


Fantastic organisation. Mission Motorsport really made this rally. . Yet again, the bar was raised.


Some of my photos from the day; apologies if your car isn’t here, but there were so many nice ones.












Picture 4, what’s that in the background ???, an interloper on our big day, PH.


I noticed that myself. It was a Gaydon vehicle, got lights on the roof some sort of medical car.

Good Work  Well done

Not enough yellow or white ones though, allow me…

Whoops, that last one was last weekend somewhere in Germany

Taff, they look like toy cars…


Painter Dave’s beautiful mx5 & you got my car too :slight_smile:  my girlfriend is a minion…

Looks like a great day out.

I’ve never seen a yellow mk1. Are the ‘real’ or resprays ?


California Mk1 ones…:slight_smile:






A couple were repaints. Technically, all Mk1 yellows were repaints; they had a white undercoat.

slideshow… I think


On the subject of colour, only one group added a touch of SPARKLE (green) to the proceedings







Just a couple from my phone.  I’ll post a wider colour selection from my camera in due course.


Fantastic day 

Well done Ray, fab Sparkle photos once again!!! 



I think you just put me off joining this club !

Cracking photos from everyone.

Did see your car Ray, but not you.


When Mazda introduced a yellow colour, for whatever reason, the yellow paint failed to cover the primer properly. So, they had to paint the cars white, then paint them yellow. Effectively, the yellow cars are very special, and the difficulties in production meant the Mk1 yellow remained a rare car. Its just one of the little cool factoids about this great little car. Here’s Bob Hall’s take on it;




The one good thing about yellow cars (apart of course from being hi-viz and getting involved in less accidents as a result) - they tend to rust slower than most, due to all that extra paint thickness…

Seriously, that one with the teeth is yours? ROFL…that is brilliant, I did wonder if anyone would `fess-up and claim ownership.

Excellent turnout by the Sparkly Berkeley bunch. Well done all!