Gaydon Rally - a spectacular day

Why do certain people whinge so much about  “not a lot going on”  “the burger bar was rubbish” “didn’t think much of the arena events”.


the organisation must have taken many, many hours/days/weeks to do. 


may the club continue to put on great events like this every year.

I think some folk like a good moan to be honest, born to moan about the slightest thing. There I’ve said it, couldn’t help it.

The only moan I’ve got is, can’t we have one every week, a rally I mean. Loved every minute of it, we left around around 4.30pm stayed for the competition awards although we didn’t enter our car, wish we had now. Great special guest Chris Barrie, get him at the next rally, nice bloke. I spent too much money on parts and got a special price to get my car detailed at home, so a good day. 


I had to edit the first line, incase I upset anyone.


 your editing was very discreet  

I couldn’t agree more, a wonderful day. With 1,500+ MX5’s expected (without any other non MX5 visitors to Gaydon that day)I was expecting long delays on arrival, long queues for food, and a few traders.

An overview of my day - What did I find? Arrived and parked, ready to go within 15 minutes (arrived at 10.40am), conveniently placed burger van where I got a bacon roll and coffee within 5 minutes, seating where I could enjoy both, while admiring the colour co-ordinated Mk1 parking. A stroll round the Area Displays and Competiton Entries, no queue to present Rally Hanger and receive rally souvenirs (lovely key ring by the way).

Entry to the Heritage Centre for free (would have been £22 for my son and I), a walk around the ground floor display, then out to see the Mission Motorsport Display, visit the MX5OC stand and try to avoid spending too much money at the many traders’ stands, chat with fellow MX5OC members that I know. Lunch - quickly served at the Junction 12 Cafe with plenty of seating plus an extra service point to accommodate the probable 3,000+ MX5 Owners, it was good to see non car related traders adjacent to the Cafe.

After lunch, visit to the Mezzanine in the Heritage Centre with its tribute to Aston Martin (maybe I’m biased here, as I live in the town where Aston Martin was born). A trip to the Auditorium to hear ‘Roadster Robbie’ give an in depth and very well presented technical display, and then watch Chris Barrie and hear of his passion for all things mechanical.

Watch the Competion Winners, collect my Entry Photograph, and try not to spend any more at the traders’ stands, chat with more MX5OC’s members I know. A quick coffee before leaving at around 4.45pm.

Did I find there wasn’t enough to do or see - NO.

The organisation (by volunteers it must be remembered) was exceptional, the infrastructure provided by the Heritage Centre could not be faulted (in my opinion at least).

To organise, co-ordinate, and execute an event of this scale -1,700+ MX5’s I believe was the final number - with let’s say 2 people per car = 3,400 people deserves praise rather than criticism.

Sadly the saying “you can only please some of the people some of the time” is so very very true.

And - it seems  - even more true in this club. I’ve read posts from a number of people complaining - even one who was I understand a past organiser - and I simply don’t get it.

The whole weekend was wonderful - from the stay in the hotel - the dinner dance and of course - the rally day.

People who complain can of course make the ultimate choice - don’t come again, we won’t miss you.

Makes my blood boil

I agree   

Dont understand why some people feel the need to complain about these kind of events. It takes blood, sweat and tears to organize and then you get moaning minis that complain that the were not enough caterers, food too expensive, not enough traders, too many traders, not enough stock with the traders, blahblahblah!!!

The longest we had to wait for food was 10 minutes at 13:00, (one o’clock to you rebels), while not the cheapest hog roast it was one of the nicest I have had for a while. Enough stalls to keep me occupied, enough stock and the free delivery was a nice touch, (Lets face it, 5’s are not blessed with a large boot). The entry to the museum was well worth the visit alone I think.

Totally ignored the moaners, wont let 'em ruin what was a fine weekend

Totally agree with all of the above. I was part of the coloured parking but didn’t get chance to find my arrival photo. Does anybody know if they have a website so I can look and order mine if possible ?

Or do as we did, bring your own grubbage, drinks, chairs etc and have a picnic.

The only regret is we didn’t have enough time to see it all, the day seem to fly by.

Great day/weekend. I can only imagine the huge amount of planning required for something like this. Thanks to all for organising and preparing/working on both days.

Thanks very much for the photo link guys

great day went to quick, looking forward to next year ,well done everyone