Gaydon Rally

Hi All just wanted to know if anyone will be at Gaydon that I could talk to to try and solve the idle prblem I have with my mk1 1.6 and if there will be any traders there selling parts hopefully at a good price so I can then fix my car… I have looked in the engine forum for an answer and it seems there are several possibilities. Any replies will be most grateful.

Check out the main section on the rally for details of traders.

Robbie will be there.  And mazda mender. 

Oh yes, there will be new parts, used parts and upgrade parts

You will able to:-

  • fix your car
  • clean your car
  • add a turbo to your car
  • make a kit car from your car
  • get a radio, cd, nav, Bluetooth for your car
  • insure your car
  • book a holiday with your car
  • fit new seats to your car
  • pimp your car

and pretty much anything else you want to do to your car.

And almost all of the above at a special 20th Anniversary discount

Thanks Mal Its one of the things I love about this club in that there,s always someone around that can help. Can I be a pain one more time and ask if I could meet up with you after judging and introduce me to Robbie and Mazdamender. By the looks of things i,m gonna need an idle control sensor and or a rear temp sensor but reading some of the other posts on here re the prob I have would it be worth me doing the diagnostic diode tester thingy to see if there are any faults on the engine managment ? Soz again for being a pain.Really appreciate your help

Thanks MisterH Just one question. Not sure where i,ll be parked when we get there so will I be able to bring my car into the FIX IT area

Seek me out on the day and I may be able to get your car to the “Service Bay” area, where people with much greater knowledge can take a look.

That would be awesome many many thanks. Like I said to Mal its people like you and others in the club that make it such a great club to be part of.

Depending on space in my car, I may have the Club’s Mazda diagnostic tool with me at Gaydon. Not much more use than a paper clip and multimeter for simple code reading on early cars but quicker and easier.