Gear lever extension housing/turret oil amount

Quantities of oil that are required to be added to the extension housing from empty. A smear of grease should also be applied to the ‘ball’ at the bottom of the gear lever.

NA (MKI) and NB (MKII) 5 speed (M15M-D) - 90 ml

NB (MKII) 6 speed (Y16M-D) - The extension housing (turret) on a 6 speed gearbox does not need to be filled from above in the same way the 5 speed box is. The change mechanism is splash fed from the main gearbox oil.

NC (MKIII) 5 speed (M15M-D) - 290-330 ml

NC (MKIII) 6 speed (P66M-D) - 80-230 ml

ND (MKIV) 6 Speed (M66M-D) - 270-310 ml