Gearbox Oil Top-up


I want to top up the gearbox oil, my roadster doesnt shift as well when its cold so I think that the gear box could do with topping up. The gear stick and its surrounds also seem to be a bit warm so as a result im also going to replace the shit boots.

Ive found a decent tutorial for replacing the boots but have no idea where to start with topping up the oil (how much do i put in, is there another sump plug…? HELP! [8o|] ) Could anyone provide me with a link or step by step on how to do this?



You top up the gear box from underneath, heres a pic

Your hot tunnel and stickey change is probably answered here

Cheers Geoff, I’ll look forward to doing this at the weekend! [Y]


You will probaly find the square filler plug nigh on impossible to remove without a square socket spanner. I used a spare one of these with the square socket filed out to suit the square filler plug.

FIREARM, where abouts do you live?


I live in Darlington mate [au]


 If you get stuck trying to get your gear box plug out, contact me and you can come around to borrow the spanner I have. You can even do the job here where I live, if you feel inclined to.

You have got a PM Mate!


So have you.