Gears sticking

Hi I just wondered if anyone can help, I have a 1998 1.8 mx5 eunos the clutch went and I have had a new one fitted only when the engine is hot and I am sitting in traffic with the clutch down in first waiting to move off the gears get stuck and I have to pull the brake up and stall the engine so that I can pump the clutch to get it out of gear has anyone got an idea of what is going wrong, the guy who fitted the clutch has had it back twice now but it is still doing it. Thanks Alison

Could be an air bubble in the clutch fluid, presuming its a hydraulic clutch in a Eunos, as in my NC.
Perhaps you could try putting it in neutral until you are ready to move off, to see if it makes a difference?
Has the fluid level gone down??

It sounds like there is air in the system. It might need a new slave cylinder because that’s the part nearest the actual clutch and it could well have been disturbed. Shouldn’t be a particularly difficult or expensive task to replace it. MX-5 parts sell them for £9.95 and access is straightforward enough. I’d have thought it should only be about an hour’s labour.

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Wonder if it’s worth the effort sometimes :thinking:


Thank you for the advice

No fluid seems fine thank you for the advice.

It’s just possible that air could be replacing leaking fluid, thus maintaining the fluid level in the reservoir or it could be that the guy just failed to bleed the air out properly
As Barry says, it’s commonplace for the later cars to have a poorly adjusted clutch pedal but I too have no idea if that applies to a Eunos
BTW, it’s not a great idea to have your foot on the clutch for long periods as it can knacker the clutch release bearing


Thank you for your advice but my machanic found out after fitting a new clutch and slave cylinder that the problem was that on the mx5 import the parts are slightly different from the british mx5’s hence the gears weren’t working properly it took a while for him to find this out but now all sorted, thank you again.

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Alison, I am thinking that your 1998 Eunos is a MK2 style car with fixed headlights?
Regardless of that the clutch systems on UK spec cars and Japanese Eunos cars, MK1 & MK2 style are exactly the same. Ask your mechanic to explain exactly what the difference is. I suspect he will find that difficult to answer!


Thank you he did briefly explain saying that there was a part that was not quite long enough so the fluid was not reaching the cluch properly does that make any sence?

I’m really pleased that the clutch is working properly now, great news :slight_smile:

However, like Rhino, I’m rather sceptical of your mechanic’s explanation.

I have heard this before a few times but usually from a female aficionado :blush: