German road trip

Anyone done this run?

Had our 2009 MX5 a year now, loving it and thinking its about time to go further afield than lakes and my local North Norfolk.

Daughter working in Hamburg so a visit planned tail end of summer. A bit of research tells me nothing exciting driving wise but looks like a pleasant run along the so called Fairy tale route South to North and wonder if anyone been this way for tips etc. Probably take train through tunnel and cut through Belgium to pick up route North of the start point. Split the journey over 2 days each way I think.

I’ve been to Germany twice but nowhere near Hamberg.

Just for the fun to say we did it, i’d personally be tempted to cross over in to Denmark.


On our last trip, we stayed in Lichtenstien for one night, and crossed over the river Inn, to Austria, just so we could add two additional countries to our itinery. Sealed