Getting ridiculous quotes

Hey guys. I am a 31 year old with 10 years of driving experience. I have now two years of no-claim bonus, and I am getting quotes from over 800 in both compare the market and I have made fresh accounts and used incognito mode, so I don’t understand such ripoffs. Last year, I got quoted less than that with 1 year ncb less! 


I got 2 SP30s and I live in a rough area, but still, don’t you think it’s very expensive? Does anyone know if there is any insurer that would offer me a reasonable price?


By the way. THe car is a 2003 1.6 Mx5.


Thanks for your help!

I seem to get better prices from topcashback compare or Quidco compare.

Have you tried them? 

No, I havent but I will definitely give it a go tomorrow. Thanks pal.


Try Admiral and also do you have a parent to add as a named driver. I did this for my daughter with Admiral (not an MX-5) she was around 29yrs old at the time and just passed her test, we managed to get insurance for around £650 on a small 1ltr car. Not having me on the insurance worked out at around £1800.

Unfortunately, I am Spanish and my parents don’t live here with me. Plus they don’t have a full UK license that I can use to lower the price 

I don’t have any relatives or anything that I could use either. insurance have been reasonable for my car.

I’m sure your quotes could be lessened but frankly I do not think 700/800 is that bad.

My son, aged 29 at the time, could do no better than £680.00 ( 11 years Army vehicle experiences in war zones…which mattered not one bit) for a 1.25 Fiesta 2 years old.

It’s a combination of your history…although not much penalty is added for silly SP’s… post code, and lack of proven track record at play…not to mention a higher risk vehicle…whether it’s securely stored at night…etc etc.



Check out the Money Saving Expert for hints and tips.

For example did you know that 21 days before policy start is the optimum time for the cheapest quote?

An MSE investigation in which we analysed more than 18 million quotes from three of the biggest price comparison sites –, Compare The Market and MoneySupermarket – has revealed buying your car insurance three weeks ahead of the start day can save you £100s, compared with buying it too early or leaving it until the day before or on the renewal day.

Based on an average price, the cheapest time to buy your policy is 21 days before the start date, with the price differences closely aligned to how much of a risk you’re deemed to be, and when the highest number of insurers will provide quotes (see the full price investigation). If you are already within the 21-day period, act now as the price tends to increase closer to the start date of the policy.

I’m with Direct Line this year, they don’t come up on comparison sites so thought i’d give them ago and saved me about 30% over comparison sites.So changed my other car to them too and once again cheaper.


But obviously everyone circumstances are different.  


Second this could’nt understand why my premium had jumped up when going to insure the car the day before getting it…luckily Direct Line looked back on the system from earlier in the month and charged me the cheaper premium so keep your quote numbers or emails.  

Another handy tip from Money Saving Expert is tweaking job title -

Another quick win is tweaking your job description (legitimately of course). An illustrator is often cheaper than an artist, an editor than a journalist, a PA than a secretary.

Have a play with our Car Insurance Job Picker tool and see if small changes to your job description could save you cash. Remember, never lie, as this would be considered fraudulent. If it worked for you, share your success story with our forum users.


I suspect years in UK and years on a UK driving licence makes a difference. OP is Spanish, with speeding convictions. Some insurers will disregard non-UK driving experience.

I got my 2 years NCB insured by a  British company, driving in England. And my UK driving license says that I got my driving license in 2009, so Im not sure why I’m getting these prices. I haven’t had an accident or anything. It is probably due to those two speeding tickets :(.


Anyway, I managed to get my quotes down by 100 quid by using those comparison sites like topcashback compare, thanks to you guys.


@roadie, seriously a nugget of gold you found there. The tool reckons it can knock about £150 off mine by changing from computer technician to electronics technician.

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