Glen eagle refurb

I’ve got hold of a 1996 glen eagle
Been sat for 6 years, got it home, turned over and started on 3rd strike!
Where do you guys all buy parts? Mx5parts looks good

Autolinkuk do a decent discount of Owners Club members. There is MX5heaven, MX5city. Just received new headlights from David Manners, fast service.

@saz9961 has covered most of the usual sources of parts, I have plotted all the ones I know of here (apparently it doesn’t want to embed itself :angry: )

Body panels as well?
I need both inner arches near where the drain from inside is, one side bad, other not too bad
Or do you just get some thin mild steel and weld it in?

On the lower rear wheel arch, is that panel that rots out, welded to the back wing?

Inner arches, I am told, need to be fabricated. Besides the above, MX5restorer will have a selection of panels:
may help you.