Gliding Experience - Cambridge area - 20th June


Bob Leonard, who attends the Cambridge area meeting, has kindly arranged a glider experience Evening.
The flights are cable launched and you will go up with an instructor who will talk you through the experience.
This is happening the evening of 20th June 18:00 prompt at Cambridge Gliding Club Longstone Road SG19 3EB
The cost of the first flight is £32.5 and subsequent flights £17.00

There are limited numbers and pre booking is essential and Bob has asked that you ring him direct so he can explain the event and book direct with him on 01767 260293 - do not book on this post.

This is a great experience.

Thank you Bob for once again organising this event

Hi there are still places available on this trip if anyone is interested please contact Bob directly


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Re:… “This is a great experience…”.

Echo that.
I’m a trained, though lapsed, glider pilot.
When I was not actually flying, I’d spend lots of time hanging round, and helping out at the airfield. I never encountered anyone, after a glider experience flight, who said that it was anything less than wonderful.

My own intro was as a 19 year old student in 1971. I worked a summer in Yorkshire
as a builders labourer, and stayed with my sister and brother in law. One Sunday, he and I went out to a glider airfield. We bought a day’s membership. This entitled us to push and pull gliders around for the day, plus 2 flights off the winch (cable).

My experience was in an open cockpit glider. First flight of any kind. Sheepskin flying jacket, goggles…, the full Biggles. Absolutely amazing. Patchwork of fields below.

16 years later, sat in an office in S W London, literally on my own on a Saturday, having come in that day to finish off a 1 year programming contract, I switched off the PC, leaned back in my chair and thought… “What now…?”. And a picture came up of that glider flight. And I went and signed up for training.

An experience not to be missed, you too will never forget it.


Great evening, assisted by fine weather. Although having flown in lots of light aircraft over my working life (once had an office on Elstree Aerodrome, so was invited for “check-out flights” for free!), never been in a glider. It was great to be flying in such silence, without shouting at the pilot!

I will be doing this again, without doubt.

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