Go Japan 2021

Was just wondering if anyone is going to Go Japan at Brands hatch on the September 26th?

Certainly hope to be if not working

Yeah hopefully, was just wondering because I didn’t want to book as an individual display if there was a few going

Just looked at the diary. I’m there!

How are u booking, individual display?

I’ve got an annual pass.


There’s a Club discount for the show, just been trying to sort out a team to set up at it.

Anymore news on the club discount for this event? I had a search but couldnt find anymore info on here.

Hi Matt

Our unique car club code is: 66869674

You will need to use it when booking-in via the show website: Club Stands – Go Japan!

All members must book in individually. The system is fully automated and they can only register their attendance by completing the online form. There is no limit on the number of cars on each stand.

Based on the final number of cars, we will automatically allocate your club with an area of the right size in the right part of the show. This eliminates the need for coordinators to keep updating numbers and hopefully, will reduce the amount of hassle and time you’ll need to spend on organising the day.