God's County

Anywhere in Yorkshire and its surrounding areas will do nicely [H]

Are Yorkshire Ridings going to have an area forum or sticking with the Yahoo message board? At least lets get a link to that on here… but consider using this ongoing?

Ta.  Steve Y.

yeah, go on YR, have a forum, its set up already, just needs activating… [:D]

So who edited the “archaic” word then… very pc.  Say what you mean and stick to it in true Yorkshire fashion.

 If I get re-elected as AC then perhaps I can try to move folk over to here but sometimes they like to stick to what they know and also… if it aint broke, why fix it.  The most active members of our area use the Yahoo Group to coordinate our runs and socials and our “forum” is done “face to face” -  which I guess is even more archaic than electricity let alone the internet [;)]  but… never say never [:)]

One shall have a look for it then [:D]

One shall have a butchers hook for it then [:)]

very odd… got error messages for the 2 above posts but still they appeared [*-)]

 Come on Mick, get a grip.  You’ve got a rally to run in the springtime!

Hi Clive… we were hoping it it was cancelled due to lack of interest [:P]

I will get the ball rolling in the Rally Thread shortlyishhhhhhhhh

…Surrounding areas being Lincolnshire of course…

Why yes… along with the North West, Peaks & Penines and Tyne Tees  [:)]

 And, of course, North Thames!!![:D]

ill give you that one anywhere in the dales your onto a good drive pity you cant play the petrol station game though


Damn, read the title ‘God’s Country’ and expected to see a link all about Wales…how dissapointing, lol.

and quite wrong since that’s quite obviously Scotland… Clapping hands in the air



 like Grimethorpe?


Ohhh please, we all know Wales was created last as he wanted to practice first, hell you even had a wall built to contain the lot of you, lol…

Jock pies and Iron brew, finished off with deep fried mars bars…now there is something worth visiting  for, lol…(joke).

 First… Yorkshire Dales

Second…  The Lake District

Third Scotland …Highlands and further North 


 Whoops, I thought it said Country. Smile