Going across to St Malo

Anyone taking their mx-5 across to St Malo on Monday 27th July from Portsmouth? If so may see you in the queue or onboard. We are touring Brittany , Loire Valley and La Rochelle.

Hope you have a good trip, can you update how it all goes over there in restaurants etc? We haven’t taken the plunge to book a ferry yet!

Thank you, will do.

In Brittany now, onto Loire Valley tomorrow for 5 nights. People are wearing masks when in shops and when streets are busy eg markets. 99% of restaurants are open and fine for eating, just have to wear your mask when walking to your table. No problems whatsoever as everyone accepts it as normal.
Only issue was from the french dockers causing a few delays on the ferries.


Thanks, we’re heading through to italy in september

Living in the French equivelent of the UK lake district, I can assure you that life is far from normal !
We have numberplates from across europe around at the moment. Our usually quiet road is like the M25 all day and night long with “tourists”, French ( predomanatley ), English, Dutch, Belgian etc ).
The restaurants are open YES. Do the locals who want to avoid Covid frequent these establishments NO.
I am sure it is the same in all the UK tourist hotspots.
Comunities would be much better served ( IMHP ) if we all took a step back, and enjoyed the scenery in our own back yards.
I was planning to visit my elderly parents in the UK, as lockdown has been lifted. I have social distanced myself from the local bars and restaurants here in France as I do not want to even think of the concequences of taking the virus back to my parents in the UK.
I was planning to drive, using the eurotunnel, driving straight through, only stopping for fuel. My hopes are now dashed ( unless I and my family contravine Bozzaz new rules imposed from midnight tonight regarding West Yorks ).
Everyone, please take a chill pill and cancell all your plans for “holidays” or " Beanos" unless it is essential !
There will be time enough for all that afterwards…unless you are unable to visit your loved ones who have died because someone “just had to drive” the “best driving road in the world !”
Selfish dosen’t even begin to describe it !


Hiya me and my brothers are arranging the same sort of thing for May next year la rochelle heading down to biarritz

We are in La Rochelle from Wednesday for 3 nights before heading back up to st Malo for the journey home.

Recommend getting a decent dedicated sat nav and not use your phone, we have Garmin 55 drivesmart