Good indie for servicing in Croydon area?

The car hasn’t had a service for 18 months, despite only doing 160 miles in that time!

So think it could do with a once over - any suggestions for a trustworthy garage that could handle a 1.6 auto?

I would try Freelance Mazda in Chatham (not quite on your doorstep but worth the trip - a quick search will bring up other members recommendations for this specialist). I recently travelled from West London to have my car serviced by Freelance and wasn’t disappointed.

Did they service it while you waited?

No - I dropped it off in the afternoon for an MOT, full service and cambelt change. It was ready for collection at the end of the following day. For a straight service they might be able to do it while you wait - best to check. 

cheers - will give them a ring :slight_smile: