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I will kick this off.


Is there a list of retailers that are attending.  I know its not the point of the rally buts its always nice to get some new shiney bits  


Should have a more complete list come the weekend, we are still filling up the paddocks and I am chasing a few stragglers

But for parts and what nots - you can count on MX5parts, Moss, MOTmotorsport and a good few other suppliers attending

Hi chaps,

having recently renewed my membership I am still waiting on a track pass for Sunday? If this does not arrive in time is there any other way I get access to the track and parade?

Many thanks,


Hi Steve,

Best you speak to Membership admin 01984 656229

I entered my MK1 in the competitions but have had no information on what to do on the day, all I had was an email listing the mods on my car but nothing else.

I have tried to email Mal but cannot send.

First time I have entered a comp so probably something I did was wrong we are leaving for the rally in the morning stopping at Goodwood so may have limited email.

I had the same issue, managed to contact Mal and apparently it’s down to the mass mailing of details? It didn’t work?  He resent it direct to me and I got everything? Hopefully, he’ll get back to you? Failing that, I could forward the details I received, if that was OK with moderators? The competition A4 entrant thing will be the same for all I guess? You should be entered if you’ve received your application confirmation? If this is against the rules mods, just delete this post? Trying to help out here.


Ho well leaving for the rally now be on the road for around 5 hours so looks like I will not be in the Comps as not a clue what I am supposed to do. 

…you’d like to think membership could e-mail copies of passes to those that don’t have?

If you have not heard about competitions, please contact Mal Jones  He is on his way today, but should pick up emails  later.

Passes - Membership only have physical passes as sent out with the magazine. We are not policing the track access, it can only be with the passes.

You do not need a pass to get in to the Rally, but will park in the off track MX-5 parking. We may be able to arrange on the day, but it can’t be promised, there are just limits on membership processing and post, we’ve tried our best.

Is all parking on tarmac (or other hardstanding)?