Grampian visits Museum of Flight

5 cars left Aberdeen at 07:30 on Friday morning for a trip to the Museum of Flight at East Fortune (and the venue for the 2023 Spring event).

The museum has a number of excellent exhibits including Concorde G-BOAA.

3 cars overnighted locally and enjoyed an interesting run home up the middle of Perthshire avoiding the main roads and back over Glenshee, a nice run. The refreshments at Monas of Muckhart which we happened upon were well worth the stop.


That’s a place I’d like to visit sometime.

NCs and NDs nicely represented.

I don’t suppose anyone captured any more images of the Vulcan did they?

Glad everyone had a great time :+1:

Between the people there then most likely yes. She’s looking a bit sad and does require some TLC. It’s the same for all their external exhibits (Comet / BAC 1-11) which are completely exposed to the elements. As the airfield is a conversation site they aren’t allowed to erect any new buildings or protective shelters unfortunately.

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Thanks Ian. If anyone shares them with you I wouldn’t mind seeing more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pics of a Vulcan

My late Dad RAF and the Vulcan my favourite aircraft so like TOGs would love to see any pics :crossed_fingers:

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A couple more, as you can see from the tail photo she does need some TLC. This does impact a bit on the desire to photograph her which is a bit of a shame for such a historic aircraft.


and TOGs

Group of enthusiastic have restored the Spitfire but sadly doubt this will happen with the Vulcan…or have I seen one in a Fly Past on State Occasions ???
Me memory not what it was
Thanks IanH for taking the trouble

Sounds like an amazing trip! Visiting the Museum of Flight at East Fortune must have been quite an experience, especially with iconic exhibits like Concorde G-BOAA. The scenic route home through Perthshire and Glenshee sounds lovely—I can imagine it was a refreshing change from the main roads. The unexpected stop at Monas of Muckhart for refreshments sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

@IanH , many thanks for those additional images. Rather perversely I like seeing these museum pieces in tired condition. I can’t explain it but I am always drawn to them. I think she looks fabulous.

@Bullit2005 . Thankfully there are many airworthy Spitfires but sadly not a single airworthy Vulcan since XH558 was finally retired.
Luckily many survive in air museums around the UK. It’s even possible to climb aboard some which gives a great insight into the world of cold war bomber crews.
For such a large aircraft the cockpit is remarkably cramped.

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This is a particular piece of Vulcan history which is worth the 10 minute or so investment to read.


I’m fairly confident that XM607 has recently been refurbished in her Black Buck scheme and sits at RAF Waddington just a few miles from my abode.


Hi again IanH and TOGs

I was born at RAF Cosford in '58 and my youngest sister was born at RAF Changi [Singapore] in '71 so have appreciated this nostalgic trip down memory lane

Thanks Guys :+1: