Grantham buying thoughts?

I’d like to buy from a dealer, anyone found a good Mazda garage in our area please? The car I buy will be over 3 years old I’d guess, any good independents about too please?

This MX5 independent based in Wellingborough is worth a look, has some tidy motors with good service history. Stock updates fairly regular too.

This MX5 specialist is based in Essex and has some nice motors. It takes a few seconds for the photographs to load.

Hi Richard. I’m in Lincoln and know a couple of drivers who have had good service from Nunn’s at Cleethorpes.
It might be worth giving them a call. Even if they don’t have the car you want they may be able to find one.


Stay safe,

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Brilliant that help Togs. Are they Mazda agency, as i gather if you buy from them they have a 1 year warranty on their use vehicles, if you think thats worth anything? Just had my jab yesterday, and my arm aches, and it was in the muscle.

Hi Richard, yes they are long standing Mazda agents and big fans of the MX-5s.
I was lucky enough to visit them as part of a four car convoy when they launched the 30AE RF. We were received with enthusiasm and invited to try the car on for size. They even lined a couple of the drivers cars up outside their showroom for an article on their social media/Facebook page too.
Another benefit to visiting Nunn’s from where you are is some great driving roads over the wolds to get there. :wink:

I hope you feel better soon after your jab. By the time you have round two you’ll know what to expect :wink:

Take care in the snow around your way too. I was over in Grantham yesterday and quite surprised to see how much of a covering the town had got.

Stay safe,


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