Great service from BBR

Suppliers regularly get bad press on internet forums when things don’t go well, so thought I’d provide a bit of balance.  I bought my stage 2 turbo kit from BBR in March 17 and DIY fitted it.  I found the standard exhaust too noisy so agreed a deal with Neil to swap the standard back box for the GT box later last year.

Roll forwards to a couple of weeks ago and one of the welds on the GT back box failed causing one of the outlet pipes to fall off and bounce down the road scuffing the tailpipe trims in the process.  Phoned Neil who was very apologetic.  No quibbling, a new back box was rapidly dispatched along with a replacement tailpipe trim.  Even better is I think the internal design of the back box has been changed as there now appear to be some / more internal baffles and it seems quieter.

Manufacture of the exhaust is contracted out to a 3rd party, and the failure was clearly due to lack of weld penetration.  It’s a hand made part and occasionally sh*t happens.  But 10 out of 10 for customer service.

Usual disclaimers - no connection with BBR other than as a happy customer.



 I can also testify to the excellent customer service at BBR. I had to stage two turbo fitted earlier this year and recently the clutch started to slip. I rang Neil and went down last week to get a replacement. Neill took the car out for a drive with me and really gave it some beans and despite that it didn’t slip one    Iota. I felt really daft and said I know it’s not slippimg now but it did slip I can assure you. On that basis Neil replaced my clutch as he would rather have a happy customer than an unhappy one, completely for free!! I was both touched and very grateful. Well done Neil!!!

this is great news to here as I fancy them working their magic on my car at some point in the future. Suspension, ARB’s, Exhaust, and Super 200 are on the list ATM.



If you have that done you won’t regret it, I know I haven’t.  I had that package done 3 years ago and its never missed a beat. I was down at BBR in June and had Ohlin coilovers fitted, fantastic.


Yes those Ohlins really are the business.

Another Happy BBR customer here, I have Ohlins R&T, and Super 200 and absolutely love the car. Only on occasion do I hanker for a turbo car but if I go that route I would get another car as this one is a keeper now. Theyre nearby too so use them for servicing the car. 

Had the 185 done late last month. Budget wouldn’t stretch to the 200 unfortunately and I would want the suspension done as well if I was going for the 200. Service from BBR/Neil was excellent. I couldn’t fault them.

If funds permit, next year, then I’m very tempted by the positive comments I keep reading on the Ohlins.

For those of you who have fitted them how easy are they to adjust any issues?

The front struts would be easy to adjust the damping, wouldn’t they, but what about the rears? Do you need to remove the boot liner every time to get to the adjuster?