Greatest Music Video

The Greatest TV advert thread is establishing itself - So how about MX-5ers favourite music video or live performance… This was arguably the first music video made to sell a record.
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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Er, this is going to get bogged down into whether you liked the song or the video better, and it will be age dependant.

I’ll toss in Pearl Jam (Oceans, but it could be equally others) as they seemed to hate making videos.

These ones are new one but these guys do make amazing videos. Was torn between this one;

Or this one;

We probably all have more than one favourite - Individual posts are Unlimited! :slight_smile:

Not strictly a music video, but regardless of whether you like or dislike the subject matter, the link between lyrics and imagery works well. I was working for BAES when it was made.

Every image is related to BAE Systems activities at the time. I think Mclaren used their wind tunnel (Martin Whitmarsh once work for them) and they had a role in designing the toboggan for one of our winter olympics competitors- can’t remember her name, though.

On a similar theme to Within Temptation…

A bit off topic, but Evanescence and this

and (forget Aled Jones) this

My son introduced me to these.

Old bald bloke in a Honda Jazz, volume dial all the way up to 11; I get some surprised looks in traffic queues :loud_sound:

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Well, if we’re talking about Nightwish and we’re allowed to include live performances(?), then it has to be this one :grin:

Certainly - Bring on the live ones too! My brother recommended this one to me.
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

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Luv the dancing and a cult tune.

Another digression from the topic, but it came up at the end of the TOTP video …

Has anyone else come across the Toyah Wilcox/Robert Fripp lockdown videos?

Sample Here

A fine example of a fit and energetic sixty-something.

You may wish to watch some of the others. I recommend the Alice Cooper cover and Robert Fripp in a tutu - so much for the uber-serious founder of King Crimson.

A very good digression :slight_smile: Have watched a couple of their “Sunday Lunches” :
Always been into Toyah ! And just got into King Crimson too!

Anything by this guy would fit into my favourite video compilation, I just love Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar playing, this was taken from Live in Austin Texas and he had just cleaned up with the drugs, he then went and flew into the side of a hillside. First rule of a rock star is, don’t take a helicopter ride.

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Personally, I think this just about the worst song ever recorded.

It is totally unlistenable.

Dons tin hat

I wouldn’t do that, all to their own, I was going to add that if you don’t like guitar based blues then you won’t like it, maybe I should have given that warning. :grin:

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Sticking strictly to the topic of ‘greatest music video’ and making no judgement on the quality or otherwise of the song, I would like to offer up the following…
All groundbreaking in their own right.
I’ve included the last based purely on my love for power tools…:rofl:

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No, sorry - I was talking about Bohemian Rhapsody :face_vomiting:

I absolutely love blues-rock :sunglasses:

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So many good music videos to choose from over the years. Difficult pick a favourite, but it would be either November Rain (Guns N Roses) or ZZ Tops Gimme All Your Loving. Hot rod and hot girls. Whats not to like

Not a “music video” but if you can find it look at the grainy B + W film from 1956 of James Brown and the Famous Flames “Please, Please, Please!” sheer power and emotion from a few repeated words. :+1: :+1:
Soul/Doo-Wop at it’s best!! :heart:

Oh, that’s okay then, you can go back into my good book. :blush: