Greetings From Lancashire

First post, thought i’d better introduce myself.
Real name is Adrian, but call me Ade or I’ll think I’m in trouble.

This below is my Eunos. 

1998 car imported in 2004. I’ll fill out a bit of the story behind this when I get a bit more time.

Originally acquired to provide spares for my better half’s MX5 and maybe donate it’s engine and box to one of my kit car projects… I didn’t expect to end up driving it at all.

It’s far from perfect, car park dints, lacquer peel and some bits been keyed, some bits have been removed / lost over the years but it drives really nicely. Rather than break it I put it through an MOT which it passed and didn’t need to think twice about taxing it and insuring it. Makes a perfect ‘backup car’ in case the works Transit spits it’s dummy out one morning.

After 20 years of kit car ownership its luxury having a heater (awesome warm feet), windows and a roof that goes up in seconds instead of minutes. 

I own and run NTS Autoparts in Skelmersdale, other owners always welcome to drop in, compare notes etc.

enough waffle… have a photo.  


 Hiding behind my Eunos is my better half’s MX5 mk2.5. I’ll leave her to make that post.

Welcome Ade.
Have you checked out the local club?

Not had much of a chance yet but we’ll get there. Don’t need much of an excuse to go pubbing.

I saw in the STHT theres one not far from us so we’ll check it out in the new year.


Welcome, the depot that i work out of is on Peel Rd, we use Skem Tyres for MOTs and tyres, so not too far from yourself.

Hello Ade

It may well be worth a call to Carl at CBS Autos Nelson BB9 7BJ  01282 697413  Carl is very well thought of, straight talking, first class

work, sensible pricing.  I have been a customer since 2010.




Hi Keith
I’ll keep that in mind. Most things I’ll tackle myself including welding and paint, being in the motor trade I’ve got a few contacts I can call on if needed but it always helps to have a backup plan. :slight_smile:
So, gave the poor thing a bit of TLC and its improving. Sorry if the photo’s turn out massive, first time trying the new system out.

Tried out some new dash lights as the green originals were a bit washed out.

These match the DigiHud GPS speedo app on my phone for colour, still have to replace the HVAC bulbs but waiting until I have to remove the centre console to sort the ICE.
I had to replace the steering wheel as it had delaminated from the core and was horrible to drive with, worn smooth and ‘sticky’ . This is an inch below standard at 14" but the clockspring had to be removed so lost horn function and of course the face breaker bag.
The centre push and two small red buttons are wired to a cheap remote control from wish, the receiver operates two circuits, the original mazda horn is on the centre push. The two small red buttons (taken from a Logitech gaming wheel) operate circuit two which triggers the relay for the triple air horn setup, for those moments when a little peep just isn’t enough. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: