Greetings from the Midlands

Hi All

Thought it was about time I said hello :wave:

Owned an NC Sport for just over 2 years now. Eibachs & alignment sorted in March this year. Hoping to maybe get some mild tuning done in the not too distant future just to bring out the best in it.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing a few of you soon once the world eventually gets back to normal.

Stay safe out there

Below: obligatory pic of the 5!


@Old_Man_Peabody, Welcome to the forum, if and when you have time think about becoming a full member and enjoy more benefits as well being notified of your area based on postcode, that way when we are all able to enjoy meets…you will meet some wonderful members…

Hi @fjohnw

Thanks for the welcome

That’s the plan. I’m just waiting for restrictions to ease a bit to get the full benefit of joining, with any luck some of the summer still left :+1:

Welcome were about in the midlands

Halesowen. But don’t hold it against me :wink:

Not to far from me redditch

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Or me in Bromsgrove.

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